Online Decor

If hiring an interior designer is somewhat intimidating and you would prefer a more hands on approach to your design journey then our Online Decor service will suit you perfectly. This quick, easy and purely online service will give you the confidence to get out and purchase your new pieces for your room guided by our in house designers. We always believe you should have an overall plan before you purchase anything. We endeavour to keep our designs in line with our distinctive aesthetic design philosophies creating your own Rylo Co designed room uniquely yours minus the frills of custom pieces. A beautiful mood board, floor plan and simple designers shopping list from your local high street stores, will have your room looking like a magazine in no time. 

“‘Rylo Co’s Online Decor service was the perfect way to add the finishing touches to our renovation. The Rylo Team is so friendly and professional, and they worked with us to create both beautiful and functional interiors for our young family’. ”

  • 1. Name your Style

    Simply fill out our style questionnaire to guide us on your design journey. Provide us with your budget, images and measurements of your room, as well as images of your dream room. 

  • 2. Concept Collaboration

    Once we receive your style quiz, we will send you two room concepts. Choose your favourite concept and we will finalise the design with your feedback in mind. 

  • 3. Your finished product

    Following your guidelines and feedback, we will create your final floor plan and complete your mood board.

  • 4. Let’s get shopping

    After your final approval, a detailed shopping list for online and local stores will be sent directly to your mailbox. Happy Shopping!

Where to next.....

To get started nominate the number of rooms below and then add to cart. The design fee is $1200.00 per room. 

For more a more detailed look at how our online decor service works and to read our terms and conditions read through our online decor document here.